Herd at Home! Subscribe. Save. Savor.

Herd at Home! Subscribe. Save. Savor.

from 15.00 every month

Most people like stability OR surprise. We say- why not both? Get a fresh bag of coffee every week, or Month! Tailored to how you brew coffee, we will send you either a short run coffee specifically for you, a classic, or a blend that rocks!

We promise to always give you more than you paid for, put your trust in us and you won’t regret it.

The nitty gritty: This will bill monthly, no matter what. No contract, cancel anytime. We are going to roast for delivery on Thursday every week, but you can do weekly, bi-monthly, thrice, or 4. The months where there are 5 Mondays you get an extra bag for free if you select the 4 times a month option. The survey on this isn’t optional as we really do want to know what your preferences are! There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Sometimes we will send three 4 oz. bags instead of a 12 oz. We might send 16 oz. and we might send a big bag of Gesha at times. Just know it will be tasty.

How often?:
Let's get weekly!