MOONgoat Coffee

Temperance Society created the first coffee carts to avoid overt drunkeness in wartime.

The Moon signifies so much, but the most important thing for us is that we are creating a neutral space at night in Costa Mesa. This means staying open late, and providing a platform for constructive conversations. We are inspired by the 18th century European atmosphere and the current commitment to quality.

The Goat is directly correlated with two important history points.

Legend has it, Goats discovered coffee.

A goatherd in modern day NorthEast Africa found some apparently magical fruit on an evergreen shrub. It had his goats dancing when they ate it! Thinking he found enlightened fruit he immediately brought it to the Monks of his village who declared it rubbish and threw they fruit into the fire, where the coffee started to roast...

from there you can decide the rest of the story.

While this may or may not be the reality, Costa Mesa was once called Goat Hill. We don't believe in coincidence, so what better way to incorporate the history of Coffee and our City.

This serves as a reminder in our work to never overlook storytelling and to respect those who came before.

Anything we create, if anyone calls it great; will be built on the shoulders of those before us by grace, grit, and doing the right thing no matter the consequence.