Kenya Pt. Lenana AB

Kenya • Pt. Lenana AB • Fruited, Nuanced, and Approachable

Kenya is a polarizing country where coffee is produced. It’s known for being great, and this coffee second this- literally and metaphorically.

Literally Point Lenana is the second highest of Mt. Kenya, the range only second to Mt. Kilimanjaro in Kenya. In this case, second really is best.

Surprisingly sweet and mellow, aroma of fresh cut honeydew melon, round medium body, and a mouthwatering finish. If you taste closely you get barely ripe banana and some fritter-like characteristic.

Further this coffee is only French Mission Bourbon & SL-Types. No Ruiru-11 gives it a much mellower and less savory flavor. This is supported by consistency of density grading, drying over 2-3 weeks on raised beds, fully washing, 24-hour fermentation, & disc pulping of only ripe cherries.

We love this coffee for its flexibility, it tastes awesome as a 1:16 brew,

and is shockingly balanced as an espresso shot.

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