Four Fundamentals of Brewing

There might be four fundamentals, but there are also many different levels of brew setups! Mix and Match, but here are a couple options!

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Simple yet effective

If you want something simple, effective, and really almost thought free you can really upgrade your setup for about 200 dollars!

139.00 145.00

Complicated but Cool

Pretty Darn Affordable. But this is about 300 dollars of fun to make certain you are brewing real nice.

139.00 145.00
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Affordable and Affable

THIS might be the best option yet. Under 200 dollars and easily make a cup a Joe you can’t argue with!

139.00 145.00
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Ball outta Control!

You want our dream setup? Here it is.

Holiday Gift Guide

Oftentimes I get asked about what to get for someone in the coffee department- so often in fact I have a pretty good system to categorize what to get for the coffee lover in your life!

  1. The Thinker - $19 shipped

  2. The Grinder - $139 shipped

  3. The Subscriber - $15-60 a month

  4. Espresso Maestro - $530 shipped

  5. The Camper - $20 dollars

  6. The Beginner - $12 shipped

  7. The Exact-o-right - $45 shipped

  8. The Proper Shopper - $50 shipped

  9. The Manual - $20 shipped

  10. The Automatic - $310 shipped

    So find the details below and the prices above.

1-The Thinker

For the discerning coffee person. This person cooks at home, reads, and isn’t afraid of a little too much information. You don’t have to be Nostradamus to see this is a phenomenal Coffee Table book about coffee!

On sale for under 20 dollars right now this is the Best Buy on the list, so comes in number one!

James Hoffman is one of the foremost authors in terms of coffee. This second edition is fresh and amazing!

139.00 145.00
Get Grinding

2-The Grinder

This person works hard, maybe too hard…

But they need coffee. Lots of coffee. This will help them get better coffee, pair it with any of roasts and they will be stoked!

If you need more than our opinion, this was just chosen as the America’s Test Kitchen best burr grinder:

Get back to the grind!

3-The Subscriber

This person likes consistency, they also like pleasant surprises. You will get them very excited. First delivery will be fresh roasted and delivered before Christmas!

We promise you’ll get your moneys worth on this one.

Herd at Home! Subscribe. Save. Savor.
from 15.00 every month
How often?:
Let's get weekly!

4-Espresso Maestro

Believe it or not, this is the reccomendation people have eaten up the most! You can make cafe quality drinks at home!

Feel free to email or text if you have any questions and want to make this big of a jump!



5 - The Camper

It may not be a Snuggie, but this is lightweight and very easy to clean. It keeps coffee hot the right length and cold drinks cold the proper time!

Get you a cap cup, because if you camp you’ll use it.

The New Rules of Coffee: A Modern Guide for Everyone
By Jordan Michelman, Zachary Carlsen

6-The Beginner

This isn’t a coffee table book, its a dresser book. You’ll want to thumb through this as it marries the technology of design and presentation with the knowledge of history. The information of coffee often veiled behind details is presented simply and precisely.


7-The Exact-o-right

You want to be precise.

For the price.

You’ll have something very nice.

You could pay much more than twice, yet this all you need to suffice.


8-The Proper Shopper

You drink a lot of coffee. This is for you, or someone you know! 30-50% off any of our coffees when you buy 5 lbs or more!

This is the way to make it really pop!


9-The Manual

You don’t mind taking a bit of time to meditate. You like the bloom, breaking the bloom, pouring slow and steady. All these things are enthralling, but you have to be committed.

If you, or someone you know is so committed, get this.

A better version of the Hario system, it keeps it all contained.

10-The Automatic

Sometimes you just need it to be easy. This is the best coffee pot you can buy until you quadruple the price.

What do you need out of a coffee pot?

-Thermal Consistency (Hot Water) ✅

-Even Shower Head ✅

-Programmable ✅

It can also do cold brew, is easy to use, and looks sexy.

Need I say more?

The Easiest & Best Cold Brü is also CHEAP!


Welcome to the official MoonGoat Guide to Cold Brew at home! Here is what you need to get the job done:



  • Hot Water Kettle

  • Ice

  • Spoon

So on to the guide you’ve all been waiting for…

  1. Line the Glass jar with your Filter Bag

  2. Empty your Grounds (carefully) inside

  3. Add Water, slowly and to the top!

  4. Stir, you may need to top off with water as the grounds hydrate.

  5. Lid, and fingertip tight- no need for air.

  6. Wait, 8-16 hours depending on how full-bodied you want it!

    (These pictures were 17 hours, longer doesn't hurt!)

7. Lift out the Bag, a little to the left, a little to the right, let it rest on top until it drips the last drop.

8. Compost the grounds, perhaps the filter too.

9. Top off with Water, shake it up!

10. Filter if you want a nice clean cup, drink straight if you want to get going! (Left cup shows filtered, right shows the little bit of grit left in)


Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions, or provide feedback!

Totally Optional, but will make your coffee a bit brighter and stronger:

  • At step 3 Substitute a liter of the water for the hot stuff! Just off the boil.

  • Stir that up for a solid 30 seconds, then…

  • ICE. Stop that brewing by chilling it. Then fill with room temp water.

When you do a hot strike and a cold shock, you can shorten your time brewing by half. I have found 4-8 hours being great. This is a true overnight method.