Apples to Coffee

Why can't fruit be compared? This is the dilemma of our first blog post.

 Coffee is a fruit! So let's compare it to apples.

There are over 7500 cultivated varieties of apples you can eat! They have had an awesome privilege of being easy to consume, tasty, grown in the first world, and handily color-coded for flavor!

Coffee has had very little privilege over it's long and storied history, but this a long trail we will travel fully another day. 

This article seeks to quickly illustrate how we approach coffee.

Our vision is to see coffee with different flavors easily discerned by our customers. This seems somewhat obvious, but requires a LOT of intentional work. 

This is our bold premise:

Apples are a cultivated fruit with many color coded varieties.

Apples are a cultivated fruit with many color coded varieties.

Variety provides the most distinguishing flavor in coffee, followed by processing, elevation, terroir; lastly and least of which: roast.
— David Yardley, MoonGoat Coffee

One large coffee company made a brilliant marketing move in 2008. They labeled the axis of flavor:

Blonde, Medium, Dark.

Rather than

Light, Medium, Bold.

This was a regression in the face of so much amazing technology and consumer preference. Remember the "farm-to-table" trend? Instead of doing the right thing, the growth-enabling route was taken. Hindsight is the only way to realize this, and eschewing growth is not the solution.

Far from it. We believe growth centered around people and meeting customers at a high level is crucial to growth. Our assumption of you as a customer, fan, partner, employee, and/or friend is you can understand what makes coffee taste a certain way!

We would be remiss if we didn't take the technology available to us to pursue this premise. Our philosophy lines up with this. We carry traceable cultivated variety coffee as much as possible.


Let's start with one specific type of coffee that is very specific in flavor, Bourbon. 

See the pictures and the correlation to our coffees below:

Bourbon is much like Gala apples, a very tasty fruit- but not easy to find. Bourbon is complex and nuanced in flavor, the sweetness is pretty amazing.
Caturra, Pacas, Villa Sarchi are all environmental adaptations of Bourbon, imagine the same light red style apple for the different fruits: Fuji, Braeburn, Empire, Honeycrisp, etc.

Our fresh crop El Salvador Coffee is purely Bourbon Type, Pacas Cultivated Variety.

PACAS tastes fruited, medium-bodied, and medium-high acidity.

Our Guatemalan Coffee another Bourbon Type, Caturra Cultivated Variety.

CATURRA tastes juicy and zesty, light-medium body, and high acidity.

One of our Costa Rica Coffee is Villa Sarchi, a wind-resistant Bourbon Type. This coffee has the most sweetness and complexity and lowest acid of the Bourbon types.

So hit us with questions below, we'd love to talk apples or coffee!